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Affordable Driver Education for New and Experienced Drivers

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Daryl W. Shepherd has been a Certified driving instructor for over 20 years.  Working alongside his father, Donald W. Shepherd, owner of Shepherd's Driving School, he has successfully trained hundreds of people throughout Central Pennsylvania. Daryl has experience working with drivers from all over the world.  His unique strategy for training drivers who have difficulty with the English language is priceless!  He brings a high level of integrity and professionalism to the driver education industry. The vehicles used by this Harrisburg driving school are very well-maintained and equipped with a dual-braking system for student safety.  Allow Shepherd's Driver Consulting to work for you and your family!


Behind the Wheel Driver Training Programs include Basic or Accelerated Courses


The Basic Driver Training Program is designed for beginners or first-time drivers in the United States.  This is where students learn the basics and how to make safer decisions and get off to the right start.  They also gain more confidence when preparing for their road test at the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation center. 


The Accelerated Driver Training Program of our Harrisburg driving school is designed to train more advanced students.  It's a shorter timeframe but enables the instructor to tailor the training to fit the needs of the student.  Accelerated students are evaluated on their first session, and the instructor may recommend additional training if deemed necessary.  However, Accelarated Training Programs do not include a certificate of completion. A minimum of 6 hours of instruction is required to receive a certificate.

Register Your Teenager for Shepherds Driver Consulting's Student Driver Academy 2021

Shepherd's Driver Consulting's Student Driver Academy includes:

  • Basic Training Program (7 hours)
  • Certificate of Completion-For Auto Policy Discount
  • One Scheduled Driver Examination/Driver Licensing

Teenage drivers are amongst the highest in yearly crash statistics.  Shepherd's Driver Consulting's Student Driver Academy is designed to reduce those statistics.  Students who are beginners need to have a stronger foundation. Let SDC properly train your teenager to become a safer driver. We patiently begin with a vehicle orientation to familiarize students with the controls of the car. Students use the same vehicle when they take their drivers license exam.  The Shepherd's team are "parallel parking" specialists.  This further helps nervous students deal with test anxiety and reduces mistakes. 


Note: Many local high schools throughout Central Pa. no longer provide driver training programs.  Shepherd's Driver Consulting is the driver education support system for Parents and high school Students in need of training. Contact our Harrisburg driving school today!

Are You an Adult Who Needs Driver Training?

Many adult students are faced the pressure to obtain their driver's licenses.  Some may be just arriving in the U.S., while others previously lived in a region with other forms of public transportation such as taxis, buses, and subways. Or never having access to a vehicle to learn how to drive.  They also have difficulty meeting work requirements and providing transportation for their families.  If any of these reasons apply to you, Shepherd's Driver Consulting is always here to help!


Contact us today to find out which program is suitable for you!


Basic or New Driver Training Program - $450

The Basic or New Driver Training Program is designed for beginners or first-time drivers in the United States.  Either for Teenagers or Adults. Programs are based on your current skill and experience level.  Payments are acceptable in cash and checks.  (7 hours of Behind the Wheel training plus one driver's examination included)

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