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Daryl W. Shepherd, Owner of Shepherd's Driver Consulting and Tonia Anderson of Allstate answer frequently asked questions about Drivers Insurance.

As the founder of a Harrisburg driving school that educates many teenagers, adults, and international drivers who are getting behind the wheel for the first time, Daryl W. Shepherd has encountered a number of questions about driver insurance. From choosing the right company to receiving a discount for completing driver training.  So that’s why he arranged to do an informative sit-down video with his friend and colleague, Tonia Anderson, a licensed insurance agent at alocal Allstate branch in Harrisburg, Pa.


The video above gives in-depth answers to some of the many insurance questions that Shepherd's Driver Consulting has encountered, as well as some of the many insurance package options and solutions that are available for drivers. But this content will also act as a helpful FAQ to provide answers.

Harrisburg PA Driver Insurance FAQ

  1. From the gecko and the general, to Allstate and Flo from Progressive; there are so many insurance options out there. How do you determine which one suits you best?

Choosing what insurance to go with can change depending on what stage of life you’re in. If you’re a younger driver you may be more concerned with price, while others select out of convenience and the ability to file for insurance online. But as you start to mature you start to accumulate assets and levels of concern, and become more concerned with protection. Then you may want to seek out an agent that you can develop a stronger relationship with. So either way, gauge it on what preferences suit you.

  1. Is there a limit to the number of drivers that you can have on your policy?

No. Any licensed driver in a household can be licensed to a package, even if they are away in college or serving in the military.

  1. Teenagers are at the highest risk for car crashes. What types of programs do insurance companies provide to them?

Inside Allstate’s website there’s the Allstate Foundation section that goes over the program modules offered to all kinds of drivers. The teen driving sections provide all kinds of facts and resources, including where to go for driving schools and the teenage/parent driving contract.

  1. Are there any other packages that can be added?

Life insurance, renters insurance, and accident insurance are all good packages to consider. And most companies like Allstate offer discounts if you bundle multiple packages together.

  1. Are there any pros or cons to filing for insurance online as opposed to doing it in person?

There are no real flaws to filing online, and people can still assist you with what issues you may have online. And online companies may even have some connection to insurance groups (Esurance is a branch of Allstate). But as most drivers mature with age and have more concerns to cover, they do find it better to meet with agents in person.


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